Golden Touches: Collectors in Florida and New York Strike Gold on Bradford, Elway

Five packs of 2010 Playoff Contenders Football. That's all 29-year-old Florida collector Michael Tucker needed. So he dropped by Wonder Water Sports Cards in Clearwater, Fla., Thursday evening after work to pick them up -- really for no other reason than to test the video-recording capabilities of his new camera phone in advance of a group break next week. The camera, as it turns out, works…

Panini Unwrapped World Premiere Video: 2010 National Treasures Football

[youtube] Join Panini America's Ben Ecklar and Tracy Hackler for this stirring world premiere break of 2010 National Treasures Football, the most anticipated NFL trading card product of the season. What will the dynamic duo pull? More importantly, how can you win it. Stay tuned to find out.

The Drool Gallery: 2010 National Treasures Football Reebok Logo Rookie Autographs

By a narrow margin last weekend, readers of The Knight's Lance voted to see a gallery of 2010 National Treasures Football's NFL Equipment Rookie Autographs over a gallery of their Reebok-logo counterparts. But partly because the vote was so close, and primarily because the slight Reebok minority was also quite vocal, we decided to show that gallery as well, which follows below in all of its multi-colored…

The Drool Gallery: 2010 National Treasures Football NFL Equipment Rookie Autographs

By the narrowest of margins, weekend readers of The Knight's Lance voted 53.6 percent to 46.4 percent to see the 2010 National Treasures NFL Equipment Rookie Autographs over their Reebok logo counterparts. Truth be told, the poll presented the ultimate win-win proposition. When it comes to the football card gems in question, there really was no wrong answer. (more…)

Panini Poll: Which 2010 National Treasures Football Gallery Would You Rather See?

To help honor the release of 2010 National Treasures Football in six days, I thought about posting a sweet gallery tomorrow featuring some of the set's most striking on-card rookie autographs. The problem? I couldn't decide which gallery to show. I've narrowed it down to two delectable choices: It's either the vertically vibrant, super-scarce Reebok logo version or the horizontally handsome, always-amazing…

Panini Unwrapped: 2010 Playoff Contenders Football (with the Golden Ticket Reveal!)

[youtube=] Join Panini America's Ben Ecklar, Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez as they bust one of the first boxes of 2010 Playoff Contenders Football. In addition to addressing the thorny issue of whether or not there are Rookie Card variations in the product, this revealing video provides the exclusive first look at the history-making Golden Ticket solid-gold trading cards. (more…)

2010 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph Variations Revealed!

Early last week, The Knight's Lance provided a captivating world premiere gallery showcasing the 33 young stars from the 2010 NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere whose cornerstone Rookie Ticket Autographed RCs are signed on-card and are live in the product. While filming the Panini America quality control process for the product in the days that followed, this intrepid -- or is it inept? -- blogger unwittingly…

Panini America Reveals 2010 Donruss Football Rated Rookie Autograph SPs!

The 2010 Donruss Football Rated Rookie set that released earlier this year has been largely embraced so far thanks to its whole-shabang-in-a-box, 100-card, one-autograph makeup. Of course, the opportunity to get all of that for just $19.99 hasn't hurt, either. As most serious pursuers of the set no doubt know already, many of the set's 100 checklisted signers are in considerably shorter supply than the others. In…
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