The Drool Gallery: Peerless Patches Abound in Panini’s 2010-11 Dominion Hockey

Looking for a word to describe the unparalleled quality and quantity of prime memorabilia pieces used in the creation of 2010-11 Dominion Hockey? "Epic" works. So do "astonishing," "majestic," "unparalleled," "stunning" and "wow."

Looking for a word to describe the unparalleled quality and quantity of prime memorabilia pieces used in the creation of 2010-11 Dominion Hockey? “Epic” works. So do “astonishing,” “majestic,” “unparalleled,” “stunning” and “wow.” 

Indeed, there is no shortage of appropriate adjectives in the English language befitting some of the sickest Technicolor dream patches ever created. Ultimately, though, the following gallery of highlights — primarily from Dominion’s Peerless Patches and Mammoth insert sets — will just as likely leave you speechless.


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  1. Those have got to be the sickest most AWESOMENESS ( if that’s a word lol ) fantastically crafted inserted PATCHES I have EVER SEEN! WTG PANINI! Are these crafted or actually off of their jersey’s? They look big enough to be off of their jersey’s!

    1. Of Course those are pieces of game-used jerseys!!!! These cards are AMAZING and STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Panini!!!!!!!

  2. Tracy,
    You are the man. Those Markstrom patches are breath taking, absolutely unbelievable. I appreciate all the hard work of Panini, i am at a loss for words…i cannot wait.

  3. I have to commend Panini America on their assiduous labor they had put into the layout of the patch work in this set………

  4. Great job on the Peerless Patches. That Rick Nash is exactly what I wanted to see, although if they were hard-signed [the competition] might have met their match. Even despite the lack of an autograph they are still one of the nicest Panini designs of the season and the patches are incredible

    For next year, I’m begging you, take that set and add hard-signed autographs. I know you guys would have the resources to rival [the competition], not to mention give non-rookie collectors like me even more prime cards to chase.

      1. Tracy, I’ll ask again since you must have missed it:

        What about Kopitar and some of the other Kings, Doughty, Quick, etc?

        Are they LIVE in the product?

  5. I had written in the past wondering about Dominion’s patches compared to the competitors in the very high end arena…and I am certainly not disappointed one bit. These are absolutely gorgeous pieces.

    Thanks for posting some Oilers and Canes for me too 😉

  6. Heck yea!!! Thats why Panini is the BEST and there is NO competion!!!!!!! Hey Tracy can you show me [us] some new pics of the upcoming Timeless Treasures and Crown Royale and Gold Football when you get them? Cant wait to bust some!!! Treasures is next up in Football right? And Elite Black Box is up next for basketball right?

  7. T, I am sitting here this morning, reflecting on events of 10 years ago when 343 “brothers” were lost in the horrific events that took place in NYC.

    I have been watching TV coverage intermittently but have been trying to also keep positive and stay busy. It’s nice to see the hobby is still involved in my life and it has evolved.

    I showed Austin that Kopitar/Dionne card, he was so excited and it was the perfect microcosm of how the hobby has changed for me over the past decade. I obviously don’t collect for me right now but do collect with and for him, and it brings me so much joy seeing how much he enjoys the hobby. And with my second son on the way the fun is going to be double.

    Austin wasn’t even around when all of this happened 10 years ago so on this day of some sadness and remembrance, it is nice to see a little boy oblivious to all those horrific events still get happiness out of a simple thing like a piece of cardboard with his favorite hockey player on it.

    Thanks to you and the Panini staff for the “little things” as always T like putting images of cards up for some of the hobby vets.

    Just another day for Anze Kopitar’s # 1 fan.

    And I wouldn’t have it any other way on this day.

    P.S. – Austin asked where are the Kopitar cards with autographs? Does he have any in the product? And if so is he LIVE or a REDEMPTION? Thanks brother for the scoop.

    NEVER, EVER, FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Tracy,
    You know my favorites are everything Markstrom, however is that really a tweed patch from Don Cherry’s jacket?
    Also, great job on the Adam Graves, this is a guy that is not included as much as he should be in products. Panini has done outstanding in all products to bring us closer to those less heralded favorites.
    Awesome job!!!!

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