The Newest On-Card Arrivals for Elite Black Box Basketball, Dominion Hockey & More

August 10, 2011

From the pristine extravagance of 2010-11 Dominion Hockey and 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball to the old-school brilliance of the 2000 Certified Certified Gold Team inserts, the Panini America acquisitions team has been privy to some absolutely jaw-dropping on-card autograph arrivals in recent days.

As much as I’d like to wax poetic prose all over the images below, the fact is that my words likely won’t do them justice. But if the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words” really is true, then we’d love to hear the 21,000 or so words you have for them.

You obviously know where the Dominion and Elite Black Box cards are headed. Stay tuned to find out more details on where the football cards will end up.