The Panini Unwrapped Double Feature: 2011 Certified Football & 2011-12 Certified Hockey

As if you needed another reason why 2011 Certified Football and 2011-12 Certified Hockey releasing on the same day this week is a good thing, we present this little nugget: The first-ever Panini Unwrapped episode featuring two products.

As if you needed another reason why 2011 Certified Football and 2011-12 Certified Hockey releasing on the same day this week is a good thing, we present this little nugget: The first-ever Panini Unwrapped episode featuring two products.

That’s right, in this history-making piece of videography (which benefited immeasurably from the deft touch of Tom “The Ripper” Key), watch as Tracy Hackler (football) and Scott Prusha (hockey) rip open their respective Certified boxes in the lobby of Panini America HQ.

What’s more, you’ll be able to win the duo’s sweetest pulls in a contest that launches right here on The Knight’s Lance on Black Friday. Oh, and as an added perk, we’ve also included the 2011 Certified Football checklist just below. We’ll try to get our hands on the 2011-12 Certified Hockey checklist soon.

2011 Panini Certified FB


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  1. I wish the shops here carried Certified here. I would love to pull something – football or hockey. Panini – you guys are awesome.

  2. I wish you pulled an Immortal mem to show it off. They look great, I hope I can pull a couple in my incoming boxes! Take care and enjoy Thanksgiving!

  3. Wow!! I have waited what feels like forever and forever to see this football break (not that watching that hockey isnt exciting too as a bonus). Being teased by the drool gallery for so long and going back to visit the gallery over and over. Loving the look of the freshman fabric. The craving of wanting to open this product is really there. I wished I could score some. I would do anything to bust a box of Certified football :)!!!! anything! lol. I might have to drop a hint for Christmas to a family member like the link to this lol. Hope they get me some. The look of the box it comes in with Cam on the front lures me at first sight. Then the wrappers. What moves me next is the silver base card design. love it. The new generation rookies in this look cool such as teh Demarco Sampson and Greg Salas ones you got. The Certified Potential jersey of Stevan Ridley and the sweet looking Fabric of the game bengals player you got is so cool and then there was the chiefs fabric of the game number auto. Also find this video fun that you point out when you (Tracy) get a Tim Tebow base card and your shirt of course with XV.
    I dont know if this is an entry to the contest to win the hits (I would even like to have a base card win) or if we have to wait for friday. Either way, I wanted to let you know how i felt.. Great hockey break as well especially that one pack, Certified will be a huuuuge hit! Thanks for the break guys!

    1. Had to come back and watch and drool again. Awesome awesome stuff. This product has produced some great hits that i have seen on different forums. Hopefully I can get my hands on some. Thanks again for the video.

  4. What a awesome duo box unwrapping double feature I love those certified cards no matter what sport they are truely fantastic and one of my favorites also a Brian Striat auto are you kidding me wow and two hits in one pack how cool was that love the paralels mass marbles,throwbacks,internals,jersey cards are cool and of course the autos are freaking great tell those card designer guys at panini they deserve a big round of appaluse for the great card designs they come out with from a big collector I must say thank you.

  5. Great stuff as always. My only issue is that the Platinum cards are not serial #d this year. I built that set last year and would love to do it again this year. I did one box yesterday and got the platinum box so thats a good start. I love Certified. I may even try some Hockey and I dont collect Hockey. Thanks for sharing guys.

    Tracy, GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tracy and Scott, you guys should send me one of those shirts that scott was wearing with the All Goalies logo on it I love that shirt!!! Went to my LCS yesterday and picked up 2 packs of Certified Hockey, Love that Tim Thomas is on the packs!!!! Ended up getting a gold mirror of Jonathan Quick…in my next pack I got the Derek Stepan Silver so that’ll be nice to hold on to since its essentially the only card of him. Great Product guys, plan on getting a box next week!

      1. Thanks Tracy 🙂 Also I know you guys are still showing off the stuff that can be found on black friday but when can we start seeing a sneak peak of 11/12 Panini Limited, its less than a month away and I ve only seen 5 images so far!!! Net Presence looks sweet especially the one with Tim Thomas and Ovie!!!

  7. I Love Certifieds and always wait for these to come along i loved the Jan Stenerud card as i love the kickers as that is what i was brought up doing as i come from Australia so Punting and kicking is my game. As i live here in Kansas and i go for KC Chiefs i know he was the man when it came to his forte of the art of kicking in the 60s and 70s. It is about time the kickers get some recognition in the cards. I would love to get my hands on that card to have and cherish and pass on to my boy when he starts to collect.
    Thank you for putting the kickers in cards. Go you kickers and Punters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My 8 year old daughter was upset I didnt open my Certified FB box with her so i stopped and grabbed her 3 packs to open and also grabbed 1 hockey pack. I dont do hockey but LOVE Certified. My 8 year old has the hottest hand as of late. She did the 3 packs of FB and only got one hit but it was a Fabric of the Game Peyton Manning autographed jersey card # 4/15 and then she got a Phil Kessel FOTG auto 2 color patch #d 3/5 from the 1 pack of Hockey. Needless to say, she may be cracking all of my packs for a while. My 4 year old was crushed though that there wasnt a single Broncos card in the 3 FB packs. I told her we would sneak out tomorrow and go just me and her. She had tears in her eyes because there wasnt a single Broncos card and I told her they didnt play until Sunday this week. Oh well, 4 packs of Certified and 2 blue and white autographed relics today from my 8 year old. Shes killing it for me.

    Love the shirt Scott has on also, If you guys make them in a 2xl, let me know. Id love to have one.

    Thanks guys, Eric G. (BroncosFAN#1)

  9. I cannot wait till I get my hands on these at my local card shop on wed! wooo just some great stuff this year! Wish my shop had Black Friday promotion packs as well but I guess it wasn’t available to Canada 🙁

    Anyways hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving down there and thanks for sharing the preview!

  10. Certifiably insane the both of you. Both of those sets look quite nice. The whole platinum box thing is a nice surprise for unsuspecting collectors! Challenge for T-Hack don’t mention Tim Tebow for a week!! :p Fun effects from Tom as usual.

    Ps for all us Aussies can we get some sort of Ben Graham & Sav Rocca NFL insert card next year (auto would be awesome!!)? Both at some point were the oldest ever rookies drafted at some point if I have my facts right!! #whynotdream

  11. Tracy you said last year that you guys were going to go back to the Veteran full shields in Certified with this release. What happened? The same little windows as the base jerseys? Certified was the 1st release to have 1/1 shields, please see if they can go back to the proper die-cuts next year! It holds so much more value!

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