The Quality Control Gallery: 40 Must-See Images from 2011 Panini Americana

August 12, 2011

You can add the 2011 Panini Americana quality-control process to the list of things I missed the most while attending the 32nd Annual National Sports Collectors Convention last week. (Not that I’m complaining, mind you.)

I’m happy to report that the show went on here at Panini America HQ while that other show was going on in Rosemont, Ill. I only know this, of course, because I happened to be snooping around marketing colleague Chris Reed’s office earlier this afternoon and discovered a sleeve full of QC hits from 2011 Panini Americana that he “forgot” to share with me.

No harm, no foul.

I quickly scooped the sleeve up, briefly gawked at its contents, and then made a mad dash to the company scanner in an effort to bring you the following gallery. Five years into its existence, there’s still no denying the unique and universally appealing nature of the Americana brand.

From the refreshing nature of the product’s memorabilia and autograph content to the fond memories evoked by seemingly every card you see, there’s a comfortable, cool vibe permeating the product that will never get old.

You’ll be able to live it all again when the 2011 installment releases next Wednesday. Here’s hoping the following 40 images can get you through until then.