The Short Report: Panini America Reveals SPs and SSPs in 2019 Contenders Football (Part 1)

January 22, 2020

Panini America’s ballyhooed 2019 Contenders Football arrived in hobby shops across North America earlier this month to a ready-and-waiting collector base that has spent the last 19 days or so in a wrapper-ripping, Rookie Ticket-revealing frenzy. That’s certain to continue in the weeks ahead as the many Contenders completists work on building their sets, with one eye always on the set’s various variations and short prints.

Today, we’re going to devote some attention to clarifying or demystifying some of the set’s SP and SSP mysteries. The initial list below details some of the SPs and SSPs featured in 2019 Contenders Football’s Rookie Tickets (Team Logo), Rookie Ticket Variations (Team Helmet) and Veteran Tickets. For 2019 Contenders Football, an SP indicates cards with a print run of 250 or less; an SSP indicates cards with a print run of 100 or less. Enjoy the initial list and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for Part 2 next week.

108Nick BosaRookie Ticket RPSSP125
112Damien HarrisRookie Ticket RPSSSP50
120Miles SandersRookie Ticket RPSSP200
124Noah FantRookie Ticket RPSSP250
131Miles BoykinRookie Ticket RPSSP100
139Hunter RenfrowRookie Ticket RPSSP250
102Daniel JonesRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP200
104Drew LockRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP150
106Josh JacobsRookie Ticket Variation RPSSSP50
108Nick BosaRookie Ticket Variation RPSSSP10
111A.J. BrownRookie Ticket Variation RPSSSP50
113Deebo SamuelRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP200
115Mecole Hardman Jr.Rookie Ticket Variation RPSSP150
119T.J. HockensonRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP235
121Andy IsabellaRookie Ticket Variation RPSSSP25
123David MontgomeryRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP250
129Justice HillRookie Ticket Variation RPSSSP75
131Miles BoykinRookie Ticket Variation RPSSSP50
134Alexander MattisonRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP250
137Devin SingletaryRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP250
139Hunter RenfrowRookie Ticket Variation RPSSP100
3Ezekiel ElliottVeteran Ticket AutographSSP15
5Chris CarsonVeteran Ticket AutographSSP50
7DeAndre HopkinsVeteran Ticket AutographSSP24
12George KittleVeteran Ticket AutographSSP50
15Amari CooperVeteran Ticket AutographSSP35
18Danielle HunterVeteran Ticket AutographSP100
20Eddie JacksonVeteran Ticket AutographSP100
154Za’Darius SmithRookie Ticket SP195
159Sean Murphy-BuntingRookie Ticket SSP50
169Brett RypienRookie Ticket SSP56
174Taylor RappRookie Ticket SSP59
188Trace McSorleyRookie Ticket SP100
248Michael DicksonRookie Ticket SP246
260Keelan DossRookie Ticket SP239
226Jahlani TavaiRookie Ticket Variation  SP150
277Devin WhiteRookie Ticket Variation  SP220