By Kort Peters

On Wednesday, May 15th at 10 am CST, Panini Blockchain will drop FOTL packs for 2023 Prizm Basketball. The digital set will include all your NBA heroes like Luka Doncic, Anthony Edwards, Stephen Curry and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as well as top rookies like Dereck Lively II and Amen Thompson.

FOTL packs will sell for $30 and include five digital cards with an FOTL-exclusive Mojo parallel (#/25). The packs will also include two base cards (#/424) and two base parallel cards (max #/211). Prizm parallels for this pack include Blue Ice (#/211), Ruby Wave (#/110), Nebula (#/49), Gold (#/10) and the Legendary 1-of-1 Black Prizms.

One in every five packs (20 percent) will replace a base parallel with an insert (#/47) from Prizm specialties like Fireworks, Prizmania, and Deep Space. Inserts will also include 2023 Kabooms that will be utilized in special Kaboom crafting events for a chance at Gold (#/10) or Green (1/1) Kaboom parallels.

For FOTL flash challenges, collectors will have the opportunity to attain the Animation insert.

Rainbow collection challenge parallels will include Pulsar, Orange Wave, Tiger Stripe and Bronze. There is an additional Black Gold level which will meet FOTL card requirements.

For the inserts, there will be flash challenges for the sought-after insert, Color Wheel.

There will be an exclusive craft pack event for Starcade inserts which will feature Gold parallels in the packs.

*All challenges and crafting events are subject to change.

The general packs will follow on Friday, May 17th for $15, with four cards (two base and two base parallels or 20 percent chance for insert). These packs include everything except for the FOTL-exclusive Mojo cards.


  • FOTL Packs (5 cards – available 5/15 for $30): 9,800 packs
  • General Packs (4 cards – available 5/17 for $15): 52,005 packs


  • Base (#/424) – Base Prizms Blue Ice (#/211) – Base Prizms Ruby Wave (#/110) – Base Prizms Choice Nebula (#/49) – Base Prizms Gold (#/10) – Base Prizms Black (#/1)
  • Kaleidoscopic (#/47) – Luck of the Lottery (#/47) – Prizm Break (#/47) – Fireworks (#/47) – Fractal (#/47) – Instant Impact (#/47) – Emergent (#/47) – Deep Space (#/47) – Dominance (#/47) – Global Reach (#/47) – Prizmania (#/47) – Rookie Variations (#/47) – Kaboom (#/47)

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