Panini Unwrapped: 2010-11 Limited Hockey

Clint Hall and Scott Prusha have their way with two early boxes of 2010-11 Limited Hockey, in which they pull one of the sweetest oversized Sidney Crosby swatches you'll ever see.

Clint Hall and Scott Prusha have their way with two early boxes of 2010-11 Limited Hockey, in which they pull one of the sweetest oversized Sidney Crosby swatches you’ll ever see.

Watch to find out more, including who Hall spent time with last night.


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  1. Though the line would normally be out of my price range, I feel that it really is a luxury product that showcases the true beauty of the sport. The large size autograph space for the Nick Bonino card really shows the lengths that you are trying to reach to promote the hobby and the sport. Having commons that are numbered to 299 states just how “Limited” the set is in trying to collate. Thank you for the video and I think that I will just have to invest in a pack or two!

  2. What on earth is with all the redemptions this year in Panini Products? I’m still waiting on a Classics football redemption from 5 weeks ago. What is the line of reasoning for using these? It’s super maddening. Collectors hate it! Why do you do it?

    1. Hey, we hate redemption cards as much as you do. Sometimes, they’re inevitable. The good news as it relates to Limited is that we already have received many of the redemption autographs in house, so the wait will be minimal.

    2. It’s a necessity that redemptions have to be used. Would you rather them delay the release date until every single piece of memorabilia or autograph is returned to them? I think collectors would not like that. Imagine the entire season of cards released at the end of the respective season. It’s just not going to happen.
      5 weeks for a card is nothing. Be patient! I’ve been waiting nearly two months for a jersey/auto from Certified hockey and I’m not complaining.

    3. I didn’t realize that the reasoning was because they simply hadn’t received the autographs back. I figured being these players are under contract with their respective sports league, and Panini licensed the rights to produce these cards, it would be required under the contract for players to return memorabilia cards on time.

      What threw me was the expiration dates. I like buying older boxes at times, and hate it when I get a redemption card that I can’t redeem. Why put a limit on when the card can be redeemed? I guess at least I understand it now, although I can’t pretend to like it. 🙂

      1. I understand Paul. I bought a box of 2000-01 hockey cards last year and got 3 rookie redemption cards that could not be redeemed after 2003. It turns out that one of them was of a very high valued rookie. It definitely pays to buy the product shortly after its release to ensure these redemptions are still valid. Happy Holidays to you Paul!

      2. There’s really no good way to avoid redemptions. The schedules of the players and the production schedules of the manufacturers (along with our collective impatience) just doesn’t make it possible. It appears to me so far Panini is doing pretty good job of turning around the redemptions, and for that they should be lauded.

        That being said, however, there’s really no good reason for any redemption card to expire, aside from a company going out of business. If the redemption card says your card is limited to 10 copies, then there should be 10 copies available, no matter the time frame. I would even suspect a few more copies of some card would exist as a bulwark against damage, signature goofs of whatever.

        We’ve been forced to stop carrying certain products from the card manufacturer who shall remain nameless because I’m not going to be the one to explain to people why the Sidney Crosby patch auto they pulled from a 2005-06 product no longer exists in that company’s inventory, either sent out to soothe some other customer or missing for God knows what other reason.

        I’ve not had that experience with Panini, but I believe there are expiry dates on their redemptions also. Tracy, can you explain the reason for that a bit further?

        1. Appreciate the comments, Wayne. We usually err on the side of the huge redemption window just to give all parties enough time to get the card they’re supposed to get. Of course, there is that time when it either becomes obvious we’re not going to get the card or the collector is tired of waiting. Having said that, we will often honor a redmeption past the expiration date if indeed we have the cards in.

      3. So do you ever give these players a little “nudge?” For instance, I can totally understand why my Blair White auto might be getting held up. I’m sure as a rookie who is actually getting playing time, he’s far more concerned with earning his playing time on the field and during the playoffs than signing hundreds of cards. But for instance, after the Colts are eliminated, do they get a little reminder that the cards are still needed? Or is it just whenever they want to send them back?

      4. Tracy, appreciate the response. I understand the need for some sort of closure to the process, but I also appreciate Panini will at least try to make things right by the customer in the case of breaking older wax.

  3. how can a product be released and there isn’t a checklist on the website yet? seems that your company should know (and thus publish) what is in the set at packout.

  4. Another stellar looking product Tracy.

    I am really excited for the Back to the Future set, that was easily one of my favorites in all sports back in the day.

    I hope you guys got my son’s boy Kopitar in there or at least some Kings.

    The on-card autos are key for hockey collectors and ti sounds like you guys are putting forth the effort to get those done.

    Great story about Clint with Subban and Price. Those guys were class acts when they rolled through our part of town as well.

    Happy Holidays to everyone at Panini.

  5. Has Subban signed his Certified Rookie Redemptions? I redeemed one 2 months ago and just recieved a response from Panini last week saying they are waiting for the player to sign. I am a little confused….bordering on p.o’d, but mostly just confused.

    If he has signed then don’t feed me lines….just let me know. If he hasn’t then I apologize for my small vent.

      1. Thank you for the info a Tracy, appreciate it. Guess apologies in order…Have headaches with the “other guys” and redemptions. Looking forward to opening some Crown Royale, was allways my favorite Pacific product and from what I have seen of the previews this set is above and beyond my expectations.

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